Sunday, March 28, 2010

Warm Mineral Springs Trapping Success

We have been helping at a colony in Warm Mineral Springs for the last year. One of the residents, Richard, absolutely loves cats and looks out for the whole neighborhood, calling for help when he discovers a newly abandoned cat. He also feeds the strays...

This particular neighborhood has lots of rentals and tenants come and go with the seasons.

Richard called last week asking for TNR help with 2 cats... We easily caught them and had them fixed with the help of Georgianna and the Animal Welfare League in Pt. Charlotte. Turns out, one of them, now named Larry, was as friendly and lonely as could be. Instead of putting him back onto the street, he's now being fostered with KWCS and is up for adoption.

He is a gorgeous tomcat, orange and white, long haired. Talks alot. Wants to much to snuggle and follow you around. A perfect older lapcat!!!
In case you are wondering about the Siamese cat in Richard's arms, this one too was left behind by a tenant. She has been fixed (note her ear tip, meaning that she's been to a clinic, and I would guess it was ARC due to the tip instead of a notch). She is available to a good home. We have not run her through any medical program, but will do so if you know someone who will adopt her. Please help us find her a good home.
Cat Depot may assist and take her this week, so if you want her, contact us asap!!

I only have a photo of him in the trap, but this week will get a better picture of Mr. Larry (named by volunteer Angela's son Jack)... Here's to Larry!

Newborns -- Lots to learn about feral mothers

We have newborns... this breaks most of the rules of welfare groups, which mainly want to abort all kittens, period, end of discussion.

Generally KWCS goes along with this practice when trapping, since it is how it's done, but we truly do hope that someday soon each cat/kitten life is so precious that no one will kill them in utero, but will spay neuter as early as possible after birth.

That said, a few weeks ago, I agreed to take in a very pregnant feral mother. The colony caretaker loves her (untouchable and wild as she is) and has dragged his feet on TNR because he just hates the whole idea of trapping. This mom has had 4-5 litters already, and the colony has produced MANY kittens... I am working with the people to get the whole thing under control and everything fixed, and thus, I said, okay I will let her have the babies, then we'll get her fixed and the rest of them.

I waited, and waited for her to give birth, 2 weeks!!! Yesterday I went into her room, and Surprise, 3 newborns in a carrier all snuggly. She was over under a bookcase. Well, a few hours later a fourth... that was this morning. Unfortunately one was dead, lying apart from the others. She again was under the bookcase. I saw her nursing them yesterday, but am still concerned that she's not with them constantly. They MUST have warmth and food now to survive. Especially warmth.

I removed the dead kitten, and went to get my heating pad for the carrier. When I got back to set it up, Surprise, a 5th kitten! She apparently is going under the bookcase to deliver them, then cleans them up and deposits them in the carrier.

Then my concern was that instead of feeding them, she was off waiting for another one to be born in her birthing area. So I went and mixed up some KMR and with trepidation (not sure about interfering with this whole natural process but dreading finding another dead one because she could not manage birthing and feeding simultaneously) went to give them each a small amount of kitten milk. Each one did drink a bit. One even pooped for me (celebrate!)...

They are now sleeping in a bundle on the heating pad in a carrier, while mom is about 2 feet away under her bookcase. Will she have a sixth? A seventh????
If you are interested in this little family, let me know. These kittens all have unusual markings and will be beautiful pets (assuming they survive these crucial first few weeks!)...

Friday, March 26, 2010

Barn Cat Program Kicks Off

Hello everyone,

We have started our first Barn Cat program this week, carefully relocating 2 semi-feral cats into a location in Charlotte Co., where they will work as mousers, keeping the rodents away from the seed bins at a plant nursery.

The cats are Delta Queen and Ms. Tiger. I hope you enjoy the pictures. We will check on our lovely lady ratters regularly.

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