Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Two More Adoptions Today

Little Grace and Zeus were born in my house on April 5th and are now seven weeks old. The sweet sister and brother (now called Elsa and Gus) were adopted together today and are spending their first night with their new family here in Venice. The twin boys, Eros and Anteros, are missing them a lot but my ferocious Diana is keeping them busy with romping play. We still have many kittens available for adoption.

First Adoption Clinic at A Pet's Life in Venice - May 22, 2009

The Key West Cat Society / Venice Cat Coalition had a successful afternoon on May 22nd at the first adoption clinic to be held monthly at Carmie and John's new pet store, A Pet's Life, across from Barclays Pharmacy in Hamilton Square in Downtown Venice. Complete with Pet Psychic and resource booths from pet sitting to dog training, the day was complete with two adoptions: Little snowy white Everett (with no tail) is now the official cat of A Pet's Life and Bijoux found her new home. Brianna looked like she enjoyed discovering the thrill of a having a corn snake slide through her braided hair while the rest of the volunteers enjoyed catching up with cat stories and checking out a new book by a local author: "A Cat's Tale" by Lindy Lindmann.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Personal Responsibility

This little kitten was anonymously left after hours at the door of A Pet's Life a few days ago by a complete coward of a human being. Regardless of the personal circumstances he, she or they may be faced with, he, she or they (at the very least) could have brought the kitten in during business hours to protect it from the traffic on US 41 nearby, and who knows what else. Were there more kittens left at the door? No one knows.

This incomprehensible lack of personal responsiblity is topped only by the person or persons who left two beautiful cats in downtown Venice a few weeks ago when they presumably left their winter paradise for parts up North. Grrrrr.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Update on Johnnie Cash

When KWCS was asked to help with TNR at a home in Nokomis in March, "Johnnie Cash was in such bad shape that he pretty much crawled into the trap for help," reported Theresa Foley in her March 24th post to this blog. "Not only did he have an extreme case of mange, he'd been attacked by something, perhaps a dog or another large animal, and was bitten all over his head with gaping, bloody wounds. I believe that the mange had crusted over his eyes, impairing his ability to escape or fight back. KWCS was there to do the neutering work, not to end his life, so we made the controversial decision to have him fixed and to see what could be done to return him to health if the mange and wounds were treated."

These photos show the 6-week healing journey to date. This isn't the end of the story for Johnnie Cash. He continues to recover at the home base of the Venice Cat Coalition. We will keep you updated with his miraculous recovery - a testament to our work to help the cats.
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