Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First Adoption Clinic at A Pet's Life in Venice - May 22, 2009

The Key West Cat Society / Venice Cat Coalition had a successful afternoon on May 22nd at the first adoption clinic to be held monthly at Carmie and John's new pet store, A Pet's Life, across from Barclays Pharmacy in Hamilton Square in Downtown Venice. Complete with Pet Psychic and resource booths from pet sitting to dog training, the day was complete with two adoptions: Little snowy white Everett (with no tail) is now the official cat of A Pet's Life and Bijoux found her new home. Brianna looked like she enjoyed discovering the thrill of a having a corn snake slide through her braided hair while the rest of the volunteers enjoyed catching up with cat stories and checking out a new book by a local author: "A Cat's Tale" by Lindy Lindmann.


  1. I hope this was a successful event!

  2. Yes it was. In fact, it was so fun and successful we plan to do it monthly. The next one is June 26th - same place ... A Pet's Life in Venice 3-6pm. Thanks for reading. I encourage you to follow this blog. Thanks.


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