Sunday, May 3, 2009

Update on Johnnie Cash

When KWCS was asked to help with TNR at a home in Nokomis in March, "Johnnie Cash was in such bad shape that he pretty much crawled into the trap for help," reported Theresa Foley in her March 24th post to this blog. "Not only did he have an extreme case of mange, he'd been attacked by something, perhaps a dog or another large animal, and was bitten all over his head with gaping, bloody wounds. I believe that the mange had crusted over his eyes, impairing his ability to escape or fight back. KWCS was there to do the neutering work, not to end his life, so we made the controversial decision to have him fixed and to see what could be done to return him to health if the mange and wounds were treated."

These photos show the 6-week healing journey to date. This isn't the end of the story for Johnnie Cash. He continues to recover at the home base of the Venice Cat Coalition. We will keep you updated with his miraculous recovery - a testament to our work to help the cats.

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