Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Update on a Busy Week for the Cats

Hello Cat Lovers,
I will try to make this a quick Sunday morning update, as I listen to the thunder and lightning (lovely) here in Venice. We are having blessed rain!!

Johnnie Cash, the mangy bloody cat who came in a week ago, is doing much better, and he is recovering in a cage inside St. Francis's infirmary. He's been seen by 2 vets this week, and although a lot of people think he maybe should have been put down for his injuries and mange, Johnnie didn't want to go yet. So he came to us, and I do believe he's going to fully recover, return to his family (he's a yard cat) and live many more years in a healthy, calm, non-testosterone fulled state. I will post some photos of him soon. The vet said she thinks his head wounds were from being attacked by a larger animal, not from cat fighting.

The county is moving now to replace the ordnance that governs animals here, which will expire in its current form in July. We will join with our cat activists in meetings in the coming week to urge officials to change the language to help the cats, save tax dollars, incorporate more non-profit rescue group resources and modernize the county's policies towards TNR, spay-neuter and the killing of "excess" animals. Everyone pray for the animals on this one, it's important. I will post results as they come in and let you know of any key meetings to attend for public comment.

At the Farmer's Market this week, we met a couple who has opened a new pet store in Venice, "A Pet's Life", which is near Barclays Pharmacy on the island (200 Tamiami Trail, N. Suite G) 488-2636, owned by Carmie Bednar. The first thing they did was donate a huge amount of gourmet dry cat food to the ferals. Besides saying Thanks a Million to them, I wanted to comment on what a way to create good karma for a new business. Please stop in and see them. KWCS hopes to partner with them in several exciting ways, and I will let you know of fun, beneficial things we are doing together that you can participate in!

Finally, the Key West Cat Society is ready to launch a new program. We want to encourage everyone to microchip our pets. We have finally obtained our first 50 chips from Home Again, and will begin microchipping the cats that we find homes for. We also will offer 10 pets per month free microchipping to help the animals in case they get lost. If you want to take advantage of this offer, email or call me,, or 941-445-4322, or stop into to sign up at A Pet's Life (see above)....

So, blessings from Bast and thanks for helping the cats!
Key West Cat Society president, Theresa Foley

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