Friday, June 26, 2009

Adoption Event Finds Homes for 3 Kittens!

The Venice Cat Coalition thanks Serenity Eyewear and A Pet's Life for hosting its second adoption event on Friday, June 26. Three lucky and beautiful kittens were adopted into 2 homes today.

Thanks also to Brandt Vet Clinic in Nokomis, which has helped with some of prior kitten adoptions!

We still have approximately 30 kittens in foster needing homes. These include several tuxedo kittens, pure black sleek kittens, several tabbies and tabicos, one medium hair 3-color calico, a long hair tortioseshell calico, an orange and white kitten, and two angora long hair kittens. Additionally we have approximately 6 adult cats needing homes, including Yin and Yang, who are rescue cats from downtown Venice, and a people-shy Siamese female with blue eyes.

We soon will send out a special newsletter with photos of all our precious babies. Please consider taking one or two into your life.

Our next adoption event is Sunday July 19 at Pet Essentials pet store in S. Venice, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. It will be lots of fun. Details to follow. Come pick out your favorite kitten, or just come and learn about what the Venice Cat Coalition does.

All the Bast to you and your animal family!


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