Friday, June 11, 2010

Poster Child

Here's little Annie Oakley, one of my new little foster kittens. She's so cute and patient, she let me take a hundred pictures of her and make one into a poster.
For once I can tell all the kittens in my house apart from one another without memorizing the little details of a face or a foot. Annie Oakley is smaller and has more subtle markings than her brother Kimosabe (saddleback tabby). Tonto (orange tabby) is their sidekick, a little shy but coming around. And the tiny but very brave kitten is Angel (white and grey). She watches over the whole family.

They're all listed on Petfinder. Click on "Our Adoptable Pet List" and scroll down to see all cats and kittens available for adoption. Meanwhile, enjoy these pictures of my new little fosters. I look forward to watching them grow and helping them find their forever homes and families.

- Raphaella Vaisseau, Foster Kitten Mom

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