Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kitty Palm Cat Tree

Mary Riley posted this link on our Sarasota Kitten Club Facebook page. What an awesome new product. The Kitty Palm Company is in Sarasota. Here's what she said:

"Want to benefit the SRQ Kitten-Club? Check out this NEW cat climbing palm tree made in SRQ. Kitty Palm won 3rd place at the Global Pet Expo. It is kitten and cat tested, personally, and it curbs boredom, believe me! You can sell them and make donations to the Kitten-Club too!"

It looks like they range from  $122 for 36" to $310 for 80" - the company is in Sarasota, FL so the locals wouldn't need to pay shipping. They're also looking to hire a few retired or semi-retired wood working types for full and part time and light manufacturing. Call 941-925-7737.

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