Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rescue Work of Theresa Foley's Venice Cat Coalition

Meet Willow, my newly adopted rescue kitten. When the time came to adopt a new kitten, I met with Theresa Foley, the director of the Venice Cat Coalition, to discuss my concern about how another cat in the family would be received by Diana, my 4-year old orange tabby.

Diana had been rescued by the Venice Cat Coalition as a little kitten with a broken tail, left to fend for herself outdoors. She is still a little timid and fearful, so I wanted to be sure whichever new little kitten joined our family, it would not intimidate her further.

Theresa suggested I do a long-term foster to give us all time to see if the kitten I selected was a good fit in our home. I picked Willow, a female tabby with beautiful spotted markings.

Within a week it was clear to me that things were going well between the two cats. Willow has a brave heart and playful spirit. She enrolls Diana in games from time to time, yet respects her space and finds her own. After a few months I am certain she is a perfect addition to our family. I believe Diana agrees. - Raphaella Vaisseau

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