Friday, September 11, 2009

Curious Kitty - Rescue Cat Club

Facinated by the mouse, the little kittens I foster are ever curious about the computer monitor. Looking behind and under the monitor when the arrow goes to the bottom of the screen is particularly endearing.

Once a week Theresa and I meet to make arts and crafts to sell at the Farmer's Market to raise money for the cats. Yesterday we made fifty little magnets that will go for a $1 donation at Saturday's market. Stop by our Venice Cat Coaltion booth.

We also have an online store on Etsy. It's called the Rescue Cat Club. Check it out. Although our crafts sell fast, we'll try to keep our etsy store stocked so our out-of-town supporters can shop online. Local artists and supporters are welcome to join the club and help make crafts for the cats. Call Raphaella if interested: 941-993-7001

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