Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Frankie, aka Franklin D. Roosevelt

Frankie was rescued in June 09 from a Sarasota backyard by a family who said they couldn’t keep him because one of their daughters was allergic. He was six weeks old and had a bad leg. They dropped him off at Feline Flair, a big cat rescue event with dozens of rescue groups exhibiting, but still no one wanted him or his siblings. He came to Venice to reside with a foster home associated with a spay-neuter group, the Key West Cat Society. The people who turned him in didn’t know how his hip and knee joints became injured, nor could the vets say what had happened to hurt his little leg.

All his brothers have gone into good homes, but Frankie is still awaiting a permanent adoption. He has seen several vets for his bad leg, and the consensus is that the leg must be taken off in October. So he is getting ready for that big change, and his foster family is hoping someone will step forward soon to take him home for good.

He is grey and white, slim and handsome, and one of the friendliest, most playful kittens we’ve seen. His bad leg kept him from getting to the food bowl as fast as his brothers when he was young, and even though he is a big foodie with a large appetite now, he is a skinny teen cat.

Frankie has tested negative for FeLK-Fiv and been neutered. Please ask any friends in the Sarasota-Venice area who may want to provide a home for a new “tripod” lovecat to consider adopting Frankie. He has learned quickly to compensate for his physical limitations, hopping and climbing around almost like a cat with four good legs. He is willing to teach his new humans all about living with a handicap and spreading love and goodwill, despite being dealt a difficult hand, in exchange for sharing their lives with him.

If you’d like to meet Frankie, adopt him, or donate towards his upcoming surgery, please contact the Key West Cat Society in Venice, Florida, at 941-445-4322, info@keywestcatsociety.com

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