Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cat Situation Heating Up at Venice Municipal Trailer Park

We have conducted TNR in 2009 for residents at the Venice Municipal Trailer park on the island of Venice. There is a small number of cats, less than a dozen, in this large, open trailer park community.

Since Christmas, some of the snowbirds who live there for 3 months of the year have trapped cats and called the county's Animal Services to "get rid" of them. We have intervened, attempting to explain TNR and feral cats to those who live and make the rules there.

The situation and outcome are now up in the air. VCC will request meetings to come to a compassionate, agreeable solution that protects the cats and the homeowners.

Meanwhile, the situation has heated up, some of the residents have gotten nasty and verbally abusive, and made false accusations against us. Stay tuned as we remain level-headed and reasonable, and look for a way to protect these harmless felines.


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