Friday, February 26, 2010

Feral Cat Weekend in February

The Venice Cat Coalition brought in 31 plus 10 cats to the Animal Rescue Coalition's February clinic. Theresa got 31, Barb got 10, and the whole clinic was 100 cats... so we did great in terms of numbers. At least 4 of our 41 were pregnant, and the kittens have been humanely aborted. Sad... but that's the protocol for now at the clinics.

We are started in on kitten season.

We also had an emergency call 2 days ago from the Venice Yacht Club, where employees found 4 baby kittens in the attic, and a mother lurking around. Volunteers Mary Donahue and Peg Tomanio did the on the scene rescue, while foster volunteer Deborah Whitman of Shamrock Preschool took the 4 babies home for the night. Potential adopters are lining up for them. But they will not be big enough to go into homes for another 3-4 weeks.

Meanwhile, check out the awesome article Sarasota Herald Tribune columnist Eric Ernst wrote about the ferals and our program today:

Next clinic is the third Sunday in March. In the meantime, we will focus on helping at 2 or more colonies where the new drop trap is needed, and adopting out some of our 10-12 cats and kittens needing homes. Also fund raising. Yes, the cats cost $, so please donate as much as you are able!


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