Sunday, February 14, 2010

Delta Queen Was Not Quite Charming Enough!

Our beautiful 10th Life Rescue cat, Ms. Delta Queen, had an interested family visit her on Saturday.
They spent a lot of time (hers and mine!!) holding her and oohing and aahing over her and the other cats. They said they really wanted a six-toed cat, and Ms. DQ fit the bill, so I invited them to visit and meet her.
She did fairly well, relaxing in the lady's lap and acting about as calm as Ms. DQ can, given the fact that she is a trauma victim and is nervous until she gets to know ya.
I made the mistake (????) of fully disclosing all information about her and her history, and her issues with skin problems... Well, I guess that put them off. They left to talk about it, and called a left a message about 2 hours later, saying they didn't have enough experience with cats to deal with her issues...
I was very disappointed, DQ had no opinion at all about the whole thing.
I want very much for DQ and the other 10th Life kitties (I have 4 left here out of 10 taken) to find good homes. On the other hand, better that it didn't work out at all, than to send her home with them and have problems. They also were in favor of declawing so that was not a good point in their favor.
In any case, DQ has been allowing fosters and potential adopters to interact with her, and this is a step toward a Happy Ending for her... Say a prayer and light a candle.

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